DruvStar and SB22 Announce New Strategic Partnership

DruvStar and SB22 Announce New Strategic Partnership

 DruvStar, an award-winning cyber defense solution provider, today announced a new strategic partnership with SB22, an innovative sports betting technology provider developing a fully immersive betting platform.

The strategic partnership is aimed at meeting the cybersecurity threats impacting the sports betting industry. SB22 is the first fully immersive betting and transactional platform built to meet the needs created by digital transformation. 

SB22 has partnered with DruvStar for its modern and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, given DruvStar’s extensive experience in the gaming industry. The partnership between the two companies includes assistance in both product development and live platform operations to ensure that SB22’s platform is secure and safe.

This unique partnership ensures that SB22 technology is built and operated with the best industry practice in cybersecurity, and the player’s data is safe in SB22’s platform.

- Manjit Gombra Singh

SB22 has partnered with DruvStar to ensure the highest level of cyber security standards, this union represents a trailblazing synergy in cyber defense solutions. By placing cyber security at the forefront of our platform architecture, we are developing best practices to ensure players can have the safest environment possible.

- Marko Savkovic, CTO of SB22

You can find full article on this link: https://www.nbc4i.com/business/press-releases/ein-presswire/599324500/druvstar-and-sb22-announce-new-strategic-partnership/

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