The Advantage of Authenticity

The Advantage of Authenticity

Vik Shrestha, our Chief Commercial Officer, found success in his recent career while building strong industry relationships. He deeply enjoys what he does, finding the process of building new business verticals and organizations to be rewarding in its challenge. He is able to look back on his career with gratitude, but he's focused now on building innovative technology for the digital gaming industry.

It’s important to be authentic to yourself. If a company doesn’t appreciate you for who you are, you’re not in the right place and it isn’t worth trying to climb that corporate ladder. When you’re in the right place, your opinion is valued and career growth comes with it.

— Vik Shrestha, CCO, SB22

He has been at the forefront of the rising legalized sports betting industry since the repeal of the federal wagering ban, and has solidified a plethora of key partnerships. He is looking forward to the next 18 months, during which he will do what he enjoys most: securing the best professional partnerships.

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