Spotlight on... Pavle M.

Spotlight on... Pavle M.

VP of Technology

The life and career journey that took Pavle to where he is today is one of many ebbs and flows, but with one common thread - find a perfect spot, put your heart into that next big thing, and success will follow.

From his college days in Serbia, where he got his MS researching the hot topic of first cellphone networks, Pavle's drive led him across the globe, to the University of Illinois. The Public Ivy environment of Urbana-Champaign was the perfect foil for academic research, enabling Pavle to contribute to advancing high-speed inter-chip signaling techniques. At the same time, internships with Rambus and Intel Corporation provided an entry to the world of cutting-edge semiconductor design and manufacturing.

After a span of 15 exciting years spent with Intel in Oregon, working on R&D of the most advanced chip testing and manufacturing equipment, it was a perfect moment to take on a new challenge in a new exciting field back in Serbia. This time around, it was the ideal synergy of powerful computing hardware and advanced software development techniques coming together at just the right time that drove Pavle to join the ranks of SB22. After only a year since its inception, the handpicked mix of right people started bearing fruit already, with development and certification records being shattered left and right.

Being a manager at SB22 is like managing the Dream Team - with such amazing talent, just let them do what they do best and they will win it all for you!

Pavle M, VP of Technology, SB22

In order to continuously perform at the highest professional level, keeping the right work-life balance is paramount, so in his free time Pavle likes to unwind with his family, strum a tune on one of his many guitars, or explore new places around the globe any time he gets the chance to travel. All of that helps keep him energized and motivated for further SB22 successes in the years to come.

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