SBC: SB22 shuns legacy tech

SBC: SB22 shuns legacy tech

We will be launching a proprietary platform product that we firmly believe has the potential to be transformative for the industry. Our company’s new products are setting us apart from the competition on the sportsbetting market.

Three members of our team sat down with SBC Americas to explain, in simple terms, how we will do it.

SB22 is a combination of veterans from multiple industries including gaming, fintech, and virtual reality technology. Our team of 64 highly talented individuals is focused on building a modern platform that will disrupt the sports betting and igaming industry.

Vik Shrestha, CCO, SB22

We invested in building a framework for our technology in-house rather than relying on a third-party framework. While this approach was more complicated, we wanted to build a platform that is extremely stable, scalable, and as future-proof as possible.

Vladimir Jovanovic, COO, SB22

SB22 has created a unique way to mix the metaverse with video streaming and sports betting that we believe will lead to a much more cost-effective way for operators to acquire and retain customers.

Marko Savkovic, CTO, SB22

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