It was a long, fun night at the offices of our Belgrade tech hub!

Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the US, by far outpacing other competition, and we had to be a part of it -- even if a little removed because of the time zones difference between Serbia and Arizona. This year's Super Bowl LVII brought the two best teams of the season, Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, in a fascinating clash between the NFL's two best quarterbacks.

A good part of out team assembled for a party of drinks and hanging out, with some exciting live music, long into the night.

Football is part of our work, but every year we're more and more fans of the game. (It seems that the party crowd was evenly split between the two teams!)

Kansas City Chefs' star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes (who is also the league's reigning MVP), led his team to a 38-35 victory, with a field goal scored in the final seconds of the match. He also took home the game's MVP award, in his second Super Bowl win in four seasons.

We'll definitely see you in a year for the Super Bowl LVIII!

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