SB22 Partners with ProhiBet

SB22 Partners with ProhiBet

Through the partnership, ProhiBet will provide SB22 with a secure and transparent method to ensure compliance with the state regulations on sports betting activities

SB22 is excited to strenghten their collaboration with U.S. Integrity by announcing their partnership with ProhiBet, allowing us to control a set of monitoring tools for  preventing student-athletes, coaches, and staff from engaging in prohibited sports wagering. ProhiBet's proprietary technology provides a secure and transparent method for platform providers, sportsbook operators, and sports properties to ensure compliance with the state regulations on sports betting activities.

We are thrilled to partner with SB22 -- the combination of ProhiBet's state-of-the-art encrypted data transfer system and SB22’s dedication to upholding the integrity of sports will undoubtedly enhance the transparency and trustworthiness of current and future prohibited bettors.

Matt Heap, Managing Director of ProhiBet

SB22 is excited to offer our customers ProhiBet via U.S. Integrity as an additional method for our customers to remain compliant with sports betting regulations. This partnership only strengthens future focused sports betting platform.

Steven Laity, V.P. of Strategy at SB22

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You can read more articles about the partnership at this link: U.S. Integrity.

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