SB22 Launches Parlay Texas, Premier Free-to-Play App

SB22 Launches Parlay Texas, Premier Free-to-Play App

The future of sports betting excitement is here, and it's free to play.

SB22 has launched a new, free-to-play sports betting app, Parlay Texas. It is released simultaneously for iOS and Android and is completely free to download from Apple Store and Google Play.

The announcement was made during the ICE London 2023, on Tuesday, February 8, at an annual gathering of more than 35,000 gaming professionals.

The app allows each of the players to get an initial sum of 1,000 credits to bet on outcomes of various games happening during the day. The app has a slick, streamlined user interface which allows users to put “bets” on professional sports events in NBA, NCAAB, NFL, Premier League, and five more elite competitions around the globe. Players can compete in daily leaderboard winnings (largest bets won odds, longest parlay won, biggest winnings across all bets, etc.), and choose among a string of avatars to present themselves.

The odds are listed in standard, American style. Players can access their betting history; there's a page that introduces the principles of the game to the new users, and it also explains the jargon used within the sports betting community.

Members of SB22 team on the floor of ICE London 2023 Conference

You can install the Parlay Texas app from Apple Store or Google Play by visiting the official web page at the following link:

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