SB22 Launches Ai22 Promotional Engine, Latest in Disruptive Suite of Products

SB22 Launches Ai22 Promotional Engine, Latest in Disruptive Suite of Products

We are proud to announce the latest exciting addition to our innovative product portfolio—the Ai22 Promotions Engine

This AI-powered and fully automated module is designed to fit seamlessly with SB22's existing state-of-the-art Fi22 betting platform as well as its K22 kiosk solution, enabling operators to produce unique, tailor-made promotions for their customers. SB22's new Ai22 engine will also easily plug in to other platforms as an off the shelf product add on.

Ai22 is designed from the ground up to take advantage of all available data sources, including social media feeds, and aggregate them to produce a complete portrait of each individual player's wagering style. This allows the engine to predict and propose unique and personalized offers that are guaranteed to achieve an elevated engagement impact, both pre-match and in-game.

Instead of the traditional campaign-targeting mechanisms that aim to create pools of players and generic control groups, Ai22 algorithms power a promo engine that is capable of generating many thousands of promotions each with its own unique DNA, crafted specifically for individual players based on their individual preferences, and which can be sent at any point in time.

Perhaps more importantly, the Ai22 engine, which treats players as individuals and not simply as anonymous members of a larger group, makes it easy for operators to spot individual problem-causing patterns of behavior and act accordingly.

Our aim with Ai22 is to move past the empty talk on responsible gaming and build the tech that can actually do something about it.

John Asher Thompson, CEO of SB22

We are excited to finally be able to step away from the error-prone methodologies that continue to plague legacy tech, focusing instead on the personal, human side of our players.

Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for every sports betting fan.

Vladimir Jovanovic, COO of SB22

SB22 has created the only truly next generation sports betting, iGaming and free-to-play platform, uniquely built to GLI standards and designed for the US market specifically. It's modern, scalable and modular, with all its functionality, including its proprietary PAM, completely integrated from the ground up. SB22 is the first mobile-centric, iOS-native, fully automated, cloud capable, and VR/AR-ready tech platform in the sports betting industry.

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