We Turned One!

We Turned One!

It's been a fun and a lightning-fast year for us here at SB22. There was a party to celebrate, and there are some wonderful photos we can show off.

We were absolutely thrilled to organize an afternon office party to mark the first anniversary of our company. We're still a baby--but we have grown fast!

We had a nice birthday chocolate cake. There was a special "SB22 Edition" of our favorite brandy to share among colleagues and friends. There was a tiny ceremony, Vlada cut the cake, and quickly afterwards the party spilled onto the balcony. We were lucky with the weather.

In the last twelve months, we've assembled a great team of amazing professionals, and we're proud of the product that we've created so far. We're building a multi-surfaced app, with some of the best tech solutions for the entertainment industry in the US. There are challenges that lie ahead of us, but we're excited to anticipate them and get a hold of them one after another just as they appear.

The party was lot of fun, but our first anniversary is just symbolic; we've already gotten back to the track, to working on our final product. We're looking forward to releasing it, we can almost feel the anticipation under out fingers.

See you in August 2023!

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