Every morning of an SB22 engineer can easily start with a latte or a cappuccino from the coffee spot in the lobby of our building. It's so good and addictive as all good coffee from Italy can be. Among the other amenities and goodies that are offered are free downtown parking, and most up-to-date software and hardware tools and devices. (Not to forget the wine gallery at the rooftop of our building.)

Helping us develop and test the app—and, equaly important, maintain a secure and well-organized ecosystem that supports it—SB22 offers pretty amazing city views from a 6000-square feet premium office space balconies. All desks are equipped with best ergonomic chairs that money can buy. We also take great pride into work autonomy and flexible hours offered to each of us.

After all, there is much satisfaction in the fact that we're building a product that is exclusively aimed at the US consumer market. We are proud to be competing among the best in the business, and it drives us to do better every day.